Changemanagement and Transformation

We´re all creatures of habit vs. change processes in business

Companies are social systems. They are made up of people and people are known to be creatures of habit. This is often in contrast to a constantly changing environment that companies must adapt to. Because every change in the market or in the industry has a corresponding impact on companies and their employees. Of course, climate-related changes and sustainability issues are no exception.

In order to adapt to changes in society or th environment, a solid change management is required. When we change, we all go through different stages, regardless of wether the change relates to a company or an entire society. The curve illustrates the different stages of a transformation process. Therefore, it is important to turn the informed pessimists into informed optimists and lead the change in the right direction.

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In terms of organizational development, change management includes the implementation of selected measures to structurally change departments or the entire organization and to move from an initial state to a defined target state. In order to implement the desired change in the longt term strategy, structures, processes and behavior must be changed profoundly and towards a specific goal.

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We will be your partner the whole way 

Starting with an analysis of the initial situation and the legal, social and environmental issues that affect your company, we work with you to develop formulations for a concrete target horizon and catalog of measures for change. Through our close cooperation with our partners and networks, we can offer in-depth and specialized solutions. In addition, we are at your side with the conception, implementation and evaluation of the change processes, the implementation of large and small measures and guest lectures in your company, as well as internal and external communication. Because in the process of more sustainability, it is important to make all those affected involved, to actively involve them in the decisions and to transparently communicate the changes that arise in their everyday life as a result of the change process. This helps to prevent distrust and to gradually reduce fear and resistance in the workforce and to consolidate the change in the company in the long term.

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