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We accompanied Hays Germany in the preparation of its sustainability report this year in accordance with the requirements of the German Sustainability Code (DNK). The 20 indicators, which can be classified into the dimensions of social, ecological and economic sustainability, were the basis for interviews we conducted with the relevant departments. We converted the resulting data and key figures into a system of key figures and a target matrix. Based on this, the new goals and recommendations for action to the company regarding their sustainability strategy were then formulated in a strategy workshop.

From May onwards, together with Hays, we will prepare the new materiality analysis according to double materiality.

Here you can find out more about Hays’ commitment to sustainability.

Adolf Würth GmbH & Co. KG

The founder has had a long partnership with Adolf Würth GmbH & Co. KG. During her time in the Group, she played a leading role in developing the training courses and was a lecturer and supervisor of the qualification programs for sustainability in the company and the training courses for employees in this area. Since it was founded, 7stepssolution has continued to oversee some training courses. During this time she also wrote the Würth Sustainability Report 2017 and Würth Sustainability Report 2018/2019.

Würth Spanien

Würth Spain has offered some of its employees training on the subject as part of the Würth Group’s efforts towards more sustainability. In order to increase awareness and knowledge about it. Here we were able to support the participants for two days with their qualification module in Spanish and introduce them to operational sustainability management with practice-oriented lectures and tasks. In a next step, these findings are passed on to the rest of the organization.

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Brand + Interaction Design GmbH

We were able to accompany the brand and design agency SCHUMACHER from Darmstadt in their certification to a B Corp company. A holistic approach was important to both us and SCHUMACHER right from the start, which is why the certification process was part of the development of a comprehensive sustainability strategy for the company. In addition to supporting you in completing the impact assessment for the B Corp certification, we also carried out an analysis and survey of the competitors, customers and partners. This was supplemented internally by a joint workshop on sustainability and a survey of employees. The results of the internal and external stakeholder surveys form the basis for the materiality analysis, which was used to define the fields of action and goals of SCHUMACHER’s sustainability strategy for the next few years.

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VWA Köln

The VWA Köln offers extra-occupational courses to enable people who are in the workforce to gain an academic qualification. Here we support as 7stepssolution with a multi-day training series on the subject of sustainable procurement, finance, reporting and communication.

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AVS Verkehrssicherung

AVS Traffic Safety is everywhere there is work to be done on the road. They optimally secure construction sites on Germany’s roads and ensure that traffic flows properly. A goal of the AVS is the introduction of the circular economy, supported by the 7stepssolution with knowledge transfer and workshops.

GEMÜ Gebr. Müller Apparatebau GmbH & Co. KG

In 2022, 7stepssolution was able to support the sustainability committee of GEMÜ in the course of a workshop on the sustainability strategy. Through a preliminary analysis of the most important suppliers; Customers and market companions were able to filter out essential topics in advance. During the workshop, GEMÜ was able to adopt the perspectives of other stakeholders through conscious role-playing in order to form the basis for the following materiality analysis. The aim of the workshop was to define the fields of action of GEMÜ’s sustainability strategy and to specify a roadmap for the coming years. In this way, GEMÜ was able to lay the foundation for its further transformation process.

Gebr. Becker GmbH

With its vacuum pumps, compressors and air supply systems, Gebrüder Becker GmbH has made a name for itself as a supplier of components and systems for mechanical and plant engineering. And the topic of sustainability is also important to you. 7stepssolution trained the employees on sustainability and thus give new impetus to the company.

bauverein AG

“We are conducting the materiality analysis for the year 2023 together with 7stepssolution in order to lay a comprehensible foundation for the strategic orientation of our sustainability goals and measures. According to the CSRD, the focus is on the impact and business relevance of a company: On the one hand, we elicit where bauverein AG sees a direct and indirect influence through sustainability factors on the course of business and company success. On the other hand, we look at our impact of our business activities on the environment and society. In addition, we use a stakeholder analysis to analyse which sustainability issues are considered particularly important from the point of view of our external and internal stakeholders (such as employees, suppliers and customers) in order to strategically align bauverein AG with these needs.”

Paul Hückel, Sustainability Officer bauverein AG

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