Sustainability reporting and KPI development

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With the CSRD (Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive) coming into force, the number of companies to be reported on has increased. Consequently, reporting is mandatory for companies

As experts in this field, we offer you support in preparing your sustainability report in accordance with current reporting standards:

Sustainability for everyone – How do small and medium-sized companies show their sustainability efforts?

It also makes sense for small and medium-sized companies to consider the issue of sustainability – even if they themselves do not (yet) fall under the CSRD directive. For such non-reporting companies, we offer leaner reporting solutions. This might be of interest to you if

Source: 7stepssolution
Source: 7stepssolution

Structure your reporting

Sustainability reporting is about communicating your sustainability performance effectively and attractively. Practice has shown that when creating a sustainability report, those involved get to know their company from a different perspective. This often leads to an update of the corporate strategy and the expansion of the key performance indicators. We support you with:

Key figures and performance indicators development

With the help of key figures and performance indicators, you can make the success of your commitment to sustainability measurable. The basis for this is solid data collection. We support you in identifying, defining and implementing the appropriate metrics for the key issues in your company. In this way, you can communicate your sustainability performance transparently and map improvements. Our offer includes, among other things:

Source: 7stepssolution

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