Climate strategy & corporate climate accounting

It is well known that the ecological impact of a company encompasses many aspects. However, the topic of climate protection is currently at the center of debate due to its significance. It is therefore important to clarify the following questions:

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Climate strategy & corporate climate accounting

In order to answer some of these questions and to be able to achieve your own climate protection goals as a company, it is important to know in which areas CO2 emissions occur. The scope concept was developed for this purpose. The scope concept refers to all processes and resources that are required to manufacture a product. The resulting emissions are divided into three categories, Scope 1, Scope 2 and Scope 3.

Science Based Targets Initiative

The Science Based Targets Initiative (SBTi) offers help on how to manage and reduce the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions in your own company. The initiative was launched in 2015 to help companies set emission reduction targets in line with climate science and the goals of the Paris Agreement. The so-called SBT (Science Based Targets) are scientifically based reduction targets for greenhouse gas emissions. They are pursuing the goal of limiting global temperature rise to 1.5 °C. For this purpose, SBTi 2021 developed the so-called Net Zero Standard, which provides the framework and tools for companies to achieve the 1.5 °C goal globally. The best practices identified by the SBTi require companies to adopt transition plans for Scope 1, Scope 2 and Scope 3 emissions, establish short-term milestones, ensure effective board-level governance, and align executive compensation with those of the company link passed milestones. If you are interested in Science Based Targets, we will be happy to assist you at any time. Simply arrange a free initial consultation here .
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