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Materiality analysis? No problem!

A good materiality analysis brings perspectives together. This is the only way to create a solid basis for the sustainability report. That is why our partner HR4Green has developed OMA for us!

With OMA, we efficiently collect the data needed for a materiality analysis. The survey tool was developed specifically for materiality analyses and online-based participation processes. It is ideal for collecting data carefully, evaluating it quickly and preparing it professionally.

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Your content:

With OMA you benefit from all the advantages of a professional online survey - and remain flexible! You compile all the content and topics yourself or together with our help.

Your process:

Whether "inside-out", "outside-in" or "stakeholder relevance": OMA adapts to the process and stakeholder needs, whether by survey or in workshops.

Your expertise:

OMA offers the possibility to customise scales and labels. You can clearly define topics with a short description. This enables more effective communication.

Screenshot vom OMA Tool in der konkreten Befragung.

Saving resources through materiality analysis.

From the shortlist, to the impact risk assessment, to the creation of evaluation graphics


OMA is quickly ready for use. The questionnaire can be opened conveniently in the browser via a link. The use is intuitive and easy to understand. The survey can be carried out on a PC, tablet or conveniently on a mobile phone and is of course also optimised for barrier-free implementation.


A separate link is created for each survey perspective. With OMA, survey participants are always clear about the perspective from which they evaluate a topic.


You can also enter perspectives or results from workshops via an integrated interface – you decide how to proceed. By using qualitative and quantitative data sources, the data pool is therefore even broader.


With OMA you can design the survey content individually. Not only are the topic fields and their definitions changeable, you can also adapt the entry page and the scale labels to your wishes. In this way, OMA follows the process and does not dictate it.

Screenshot vom OMA Tool auf der persönlichen Homepage
Screenshot vom OMA Tool in der konkreten Befragung.


OMA provides you with automated result reports in a materiality matrix immediately after the survey is completed – at the touch of a button, for each defined evaluation unit.


With OMA you can see at a glance which topics are particularly relevant and how similarly or differently they are rated by the survey participants.

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